Check HSRP States

I’m currently preparing to move from an old Nagiosto a new Icinga installation and therefore I wrote another check script. There’s already a plugin available with lots of checks but it fails to monitor devices where HSRP load balancing is enabled so I decided to write my own script. Here’s my sourcecode, you can copy […]

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Icinga Plugin – Check OSPF States

Just wrote a small check plugin for Icinga yesterday. It’s just about checking OSPF stati from a Cisco router/switch via SNMP. Copy and paste the following in a textfile and make it executable or just donwload it here check_snmp_ospf.tar.gz. Enjoy!

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Stop ACTA!

Last week there were big protests against the SOPA/PIPA agreement now Austria is going to sign the ACTA (Anti  Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) – which is more or less the same. The Austrian government is going to sign this off today and only a few people and medias reported about it. Probably the politicians and lobbyists […]

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