Stop ACTA!

Stop ACTA!

Last week there were big protests against the SOPA/PIPA agreement now Austria is going to sign the ACTA (Anti  Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) – which is more or less the same.

The Austrian government is going to sign this off today and only a few people and medias reported about it. Probably the politicians and lobbyists are not that sad about that but we need to act!

This is not only an Austrian problem, the agreement is driven out of the European Commission and will affect every citizen in the EU!
Please get your voice heard and drop a line to minister of economy reinhold.mitterlehner@bmwfj.gv.at or your representative at the European Parliament.
Don’t be rude or aggressive just ask them direct questions about the agreement and how they will guarantee that our basic liberties are not in danger for example.

Read more on that here: https://www.vibe.at/Keine-Unterzeichnung-von-ACTA-in-Oesterreich

or also here: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/EU-Parlament-beginnt-Debatte-um-ACTA-Ratifizierung-1421066.html

Here’s the official ACTA text I’m talking about: http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/html/147937.htm

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